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The ONE Academy, a component of ONE Mongolia program, supports collaborations and partnerships for the development of open education and knowledge, and provides free access to Open Educational Resources (OER) to maximize multi-stakeholder investments in open education and Build capacity among faculty, instructors and education practitioners to use and create open educational resources.ONE Academy focuses on quality education and lifelong learning for all, to enable every student to acquire skills and knowledge. This is especially important for rural populations.
Currently, over 160 Mongolian video lessons havebeen made openly available to students, teachers, parents and the public with covering subjectsfrom higher, secondary and primary education to preschool and lifelong learning using a Creative Commons (CC) attribution share-alike license (CC-BY-SA).  http://www.one.mn

The 1000 video lessons of Khan Academy have been translated into Mongolian languages and professional teachers of the two largest Mongolian universities, the National University of Mongolia, and the Mongolian State University of Education are participating in this localization initiative.

In September 2014, ONE Foundation launched the Mongolian adaptation of the Khan Academy with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, the most popular open educational platform in the world. http://mn.khanacademy.org

ONE Mongolia offers translated exercises, instructional videos covering a wide variety of academic topics, including math, history, biology and computer sciences, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

ONE Mongolia team conducted capacity building trainings that bring the e-learning technology into the classrooms, ultimately elevating the access to quality resources for teachers and administrators in primary, secondary and higher education.

ONE Mongolia team has been experimenting with Khan Academy in a dozen classes in secondary and high schools all across Mongolia and developing digital library of online lessons showcasing best practices for teaching and learning.

In 2016, our training subject on the concepts and practices for using OER and Khan Academy in the classroom to support effective teaching and learning has been incorporated into the professional development courses, conducted by the Institute of Teachers’ Professional Development of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science for primary and secondary school teachers.

ONE Foundation promotes innovative networking activities that add value to OER and Khan Academy programs and contribute new knowledge and best practice for OER use to the wider academic open educational community.