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As a commencement of the ONE Language, newly published 8 volumes Mongolian language dictionary (MN Wiktionary), published by Monsudar publishing house, has been made openly available to the public with a Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

Designed as the lexical companion to Wikipedia, Mongolian Language Wiktionary (MN Wiktionary), a collaborative project to produce a free, modern and comprehensive dictionary, developed on the http://mn.wiktionary.org.

The MN Wiktionary is run by the ONE Foundation supported by Mongolian Government, and is written collaboratively by Mongolian language professionals and volunteers, allows anyone with access to create and edit entries.MN Wiktionary has developed the approximately 44,000 headwords and 199 000 entries. It grew rapidly in 2015 thanks to authors of dictionary of Mongolian law and finance in adding terminologies of law and business.

MN Wiktionary has grown beyond a standard dictionary and now includes a Mongolian traditional script, thesaurus, folklore, etymology and extensive appendices.All areas of academics, professionals and public are participating openly in the development of Wiktionary, as a Mongolian Language community portal.
It is expected that memorandum of understanding (MoU) between MECS, ONE Foundation and National University of Mongolia will be signed in 2016.

Over 50 video lessons covering subjects in Mongolian traditional scripts have been made openly available to the public, using a Creative Commons (CC) attribution share-alike license (CC-BY-SA).

ONE Language focuses on enhancing awareness, capacity and participation of all stakeholders in English language training and enabling innovative English language training model in the public and private sectors using open educational resources. The English Language training initiative has an initial starting base in the research and collaboration.